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Top: Group photo of visiting party and Surmang locals. Top photo by Marvin Ross

Left: Lady Kunchok Palden

About The Konchok Foundation

"Konchok" is a Tibetan word meaning "rare and supreme" and has been chosen as the name for this project in honor of Lady Kunchok Palden, the mother of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

The mission of the Konchok Foundation is to help meet the spiritual, cultural, educational and humanitarian needs of the Tibetan people in Surmang and elsewhere in the Kham and Golok regions of Tibet.

The Konchok Foundation is directing all its initial efforts to support the education of the twelfth Trungpa Tulku and to build a Shedra for the monastic community of Surmang.

The Konchok Foundation would also like to: support the education of the lay population in Surmang; help fund the construction and operation of the Weyen monastery in Golok; support the Gesar orphanage in Golok and the Mipham Medical Institute in Golok; provide support to Khamput Monastery in Kham.

The Konchok Foundation is headed by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Lady Diana Mukpo and Acharya Mitchell Levy, MD. All are officers of the First Class, as is Richard Reoch, the President of Shambhala, and LYndon Comstock, the Foundation’s treasurer. The Secretary of the Board is Peter Volz. For a full list of officers and board members please see Board of Directors.

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